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Swedish author Jonas Jonasson is coming to Kalk Bay Books to talk about his novel, The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared.

So many of us have read and loved this delightful book, which is one of Kalk Bay Books’ best selling fiction titles. The Hundred-Year-Old Man is published by Jonathan Ball. Please don’t hesitate to bring your beloved old dog-eared copy to be signed, and of course we will have copies available for those who don’t yet have one.

Jonas will be in conversation with Ann Donald.
Date: Tuesday 11 February
Time: 6.00 for 6.30pm
Place: Kalk Bay Books, 124 Main Road, Kalk Bay
Important note regarding RSVPs for this particular event:
Admission is free, but since we anticipate that it will be very popular, a strict admissions policy will be applied to avoid overcrowding and disappointment.
Please RSVP via EMAIL ONLY, to the following email address: (this is our new email address for events). In your email, please specify that it’s for Jonas, and provide us with your full name and the full names of others in your party. We will reserve spaces on a first-come first-served basis, and we will confirm this with you either way.
Wine is generously sponsored by Leopard’s Leap, and snacks are catered by The Annex

Kalk Bay Books and Moonshine Media invite you to the launch of
     Depth Leadership
           by Helene Smit

Helene’s previous book, Beneath – Exploring the Unconscious in Individuals, introduced the subject of depth psychology and provided some insight as to why we do the things we do, and how we can change ourselves.
Her new book, Depth Leadership, is aimed at those who lead groups, whether formal organisational groups or informal social groups, and offers help to anyone from CEOs to teachers to nurses to municipal managers to parents. Depth Leadership is a reworking of her 2009 book, The Depth Facilitator’s Handbook, and brings to fruition a process that started twenty-five years ago. “I am pleased to now be able to say that I have a method,” she says. Depth Leadership is beautifully illustrated by Kalk Bay artist Katherine Glenday.
Helene and Katherine will be in conversation with Elspeth Donovan

Date: Thursday 13 February
Time: 6.00 for 6.30pm
Place: Kalk Bay Books, 124 Main Road, Kalk Bay
RSVP by emailing (please note that this is our new email address for events), or by calling 021 788 2266
Wine is generously sponsored by Leopard’s Leap, and snacks are catered by The Annex

Idlewild and Kalk Bay books invite you to the launch of
   It’s All About Mimi
       by Denise Dorrance

Denise’s sharply ironic cartoons and elegant illustrations appear regularly in The Specatator, and have been featured in The Sunday Times, Red Magazine, and The Mail on Sunday’s YOU Magazine. It’s All About Mimi is the first collection of her work.
Denise will be chatting to Tim Butcher

Date: Tuesday 18 February
Time: 6.00 for 6.30pm
Place: Kalk Bay Books, 124 Main Road, Kalk Bay
RSVP by emailing (please note that this is our new email address for events), or by calling 021 788 2266
Wine is generously sponsored by Leopard’s Leap, and snacks are catered by The Annex

Kalk Bay Books and Umuzi invite you to the launch of
    Whoever Fears the Sea
         a novel by Justin Fox

While in Kenya researching a documentary about Swahili culture, Paul Waterson becomes obsessed with finding the last remaining Mtepe dhow, a magnificent vessel harking back to Africa’s rich maritime past, which he hears is washed up on a beach in Somalia. Getting someone to take him into Somali waters proves near impossible. When he does manage to talk a dhow captain into the journey, he and the crew are oblivious to the dangers that lie ahead…
Justin Fox is a travel writer and photographer based in Cape Town.His articles and photographs have appeared internationally in a number of publications and on a wide range of topics, while his short stories and poems have appeared in various anthologies. He has written scripts and directed award-winning documentaries and is a two-time Mondi journalism award winner. His most recent books include Cape Town CallingUnder the SwayAfrica Lens) and The Marginal Safari. This is his first novel.
Justin will be in conversation with Jacqui D’Lange

Date: Thursday 27th February
Time: 6.00 for 6.30pm
Place: Kalk Bay Books, 124 Main Road, Kalk Bay
RSVP by emailing (please note that this is our new email address for events), or by calling 021 788 2266
Wine is generously sponsored by Leopard’s Leap, and snacks are catered by The Annex

In other news:

Philosophy Cafe, hosted by the peerless Helen Douglas, has become so popular that the 4th of February’s gathering was fully booked before we could include it in this email. As consolation, you might want to visit Helen’s blog here
Be the first to know next time, by leap-frogging onto Helen’s own mailing list, thus avoiding future angst, medication and therapy fees.
Sign up here:
The Studio Gallery next door is hosting a remarkable exhibition curated by archivist Marlene Sullivan Winberg. !Nanni’s Sketchbook – annotations of loss and abundance, celebrates an extraordinary 19th century collection of children’s drawings and paintings, made by the Namibian !kun child, !nanni and his three friends between 1879 and 1881. The !kun children’s collection is part of the celebrated Bleek and Lloyd Collection, entered in the UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register. This exhibition is open until the 13th of February. Do go next door and have a look! We hope to have Marlene in the book shop for a talk in March.
For more details about Marlene and the material, visit Marlene’s website here //

We would like to thank everyone who came to the Max Du Preez launch, for being mostly patient and good natured in a very crowded and hot shop. It was a great talk, thanks for being there. We have begged Max to please try and be less popular next time, and we await his response.
To reserve a table for breakfast, lunch or dinner at
The Annex Restaurant call 021 788 2453
(Booking is essential after bookshop events)
The Studio Bistro is now open for dinner from Tuesdays to Saturdays

Contact them on 021 788 3774

letter from chand / rehabilitation of main road


Dear Interested and Affected Party

Please be advised that there will be temporary stop/ go and temporary deviation sections on the Main Road between Dalebrook and Clairvaux Roads starting on Monday 3 February.

As you were advised towards the end of last year, the new 700mm diameter water main is required to pass a test whereby it is pumped up to a pressure of 18 bar and holds this pressure for a minimum of one hour without leaks.  Although coming very close to passing, it was unfortunately not possible to meet the test requirement due to what is suspected to be a relatively minor leak.  It will therefore be necessary to re-open each hole to identify and rectify the fault.

It is planned to open up one hole a day excluding Fridays and it is hoped to complete this operation, including re-surfacing all the patched areas, by 21 February. 

This will be followed by the cross-over from the old water main to the new in the last week of February where a stop/go will be required for one or two days at the main valve chamber opposite the Bible Institute.

The final operation will be to convert part of the old water main between Clairvaux Road and the harbour entrance into a storm water pipe.  This will involve working in three manholes which have been constructed over the old water main.  This work will be done in the first week of March.

To minimise disruption to traffic, every effort will be made to keep the half-width sections as short as possible.  The work will be done between the hours of 07:00 and 16:00.

 The project team once again apologises for any inconvenience caused.


a rumour of spring

Zebra Press and Kalk Bay Books invite you to the launch of

   A Rumour of Spring
     by Max du Preez
In A Rumour of Spring, Max Du Preez looks at the legacies of Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, and examines Jacob Zuma’s presidency. In the context of corruption, populism and tragedies such as Marikana, the book considers the current state of the ruling party and the opposition. It dissects issues currently afflicting our society, including the state of education, land reform, crime and policing, the judiciary, nationality and race. And then, with images of the Arab Spring fresh in our collective memory, it dares to look to the future and what it may hold.
An honest and balanced account, A Rumour of Spring tackles the questions asked by ordinary South Africans every day: How are we really doing? What is really going on in our country? How should we understand what is happening here? And will it get any better?
Max will be in conversation with John Maytham
Date: Thursday 23 January
Time: 6.30 for 7.00pm
Place: Kalk Bay Books, 124 Main Road, Kalk Bay
This is a free event but space is limited so please do RSVP by calling us on 021 788 2266 or emailing

event @ kalk bay books

Kalk Bay Books and PEN South Africa
invite you to an evening of rousing music, poetry and free speech to commemorate the International Day of the Imprisoned Writer.
Join master of ceremonies Ann Donald
as she hosts an event that will include the voices of
Roger Lucey, Rhoda Kadalie, Ingrid de Kok,
Jeremy Blackburn and Finuala Dowling

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launch @ kalk bay books

Kalk Bay Books is delighted to invite you to the launch of Tina Bester’s delicious new book, Tarts. We’ll sample some of Tina’s seasonal sweet and savoury wares, and she will share some of her baking secrets.

  When: Tuesday 8 October

Where: Kalk Bay Books, 124 Main Road, Kalk Ba
      Time: 6 for 6.30pm

RSVP: email by no later than the 4th October
or by calling
021 788 2266

launch @ kalk bay books

                                                 Kalk Bay Books invites you                                            

Tuesday 27 August at 6 for 6.30pm

Panorama by  Pieter-Dirk Uys

This story about South Africa’s yesterday and today is inspired by Pieter-Dirk Uys’s internationally acclaimed play of the same name. In 1987, Sibi Makhale is allowed to visit her dying father in the maximum security prison of Robben Island. The daughter of banned parents, Sibi comes face to face with two suspicious and frightened school teachers resident on the island. It will prove to be a life-changing experience for all of them.

Over two decades later, Sibi returns to the Island – now a World Heritage Site – with her two born-free sons. It is an attempt at closure for her, an adventure for her boys and, for the reader, a remarkable journey back to the dark past.
Panorama celebrates the people, who through their shared passion for a beloved country, managed to communicate and even laugh with each other in spite of fear, guilt and prejudice.
When: Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Where: Kalk Bay Books, 124 Main Road, Kalk Bay
Time: 6 for 6.30pm


event @ kalk bay books

Kalk Bay Books & Jonathan Ball Publishers invite you to the launch of
Water Music
Margie Orford
John Maytham
will be in the interviewer’s seat.
Water Music
Margie Orford presents Water Music,
the fifth novel in her highly-acclaimed Clare Hart series, at Kalk Bay Books next week.
An unmissable event for what is sure to be an unputdownable book.
When an emaciated child is found on an icy Cape mountainside, profiler Dr Clare Hart is baffled that no one has reported her missing. Where does she come from, who does she belong to? To further complicate matters, a distraught man pleads with Clare to find his missing granddaughter, Rosa, a gifted but troubled young cellist who has abandoned her music scholarship.
In a race against time, Clare battles to unravel the two cases and locate the missing Rosa. As winter tightens its grip, she is confronted by chilling secrets in a context where criminals act with increasing impunity and the police can no longer be trusted.
Amidst the frenzy of the investigation, Clare must also bear a secret of her own.

When: Tuesday 30 July 2013
 Where: Kalk Bay Books, 124 Main Road, Kalk Bay
Time: 6.30 for 7pm – Please note starting time
RSVP: by 29 July to
Margie Orford at Kalk Bay Books  or 021 788 2266.

exhibition at the studio kalk bay

A joint exhibition by Marcelle Sprong and Joanne Merritt.

Standing on Fishes

“I feel closer to what language cannot reach with my senses, as with birds I climb into windy heaven, out of the oak and into the ponds broken off from the sky My feeling sinks as if standing on fishes” Rainier Maria Rilke.

‘Fragments” A whole lot of pieces that make up me”

Opening Thursday 25 July 2013 , Exhibition runs to Wednesday 7 August 2013

For more information email:

or call Marcelle on 074 113 7104

studio july 2013 2 studio july 2013