letter from chand / rehabilitation of main road


Dear Interested and Affected Party

Please be advised that there will be temporary stop/ go and temporary deviation sections on the Main Road between Dalebrook and Clairvaux Roads starting on Monday 3 February.

As you were advised towards the end of last year, the new 700mm diameter water main is required to pass a test whereby it is pumped up to a pressure of 18 bar and holds this pressure for a minimum of one hour without leaks.  Although coming very close to passing, it was unfortunately not possible to meet the test requirement due to what is suspected to be a relatively minor leak.  It will therefore be necessary to re-open each hole to identify and rectify the fault.

It is planned to open up one hole a day excluding Fridays and it is hoped to complete this operation, including re-surfacing all the patched areas, by 21 February. 

This will be followed by the cross-over from the old water main to the new in the last week of February where a stop/go will be required for one or two days at the main valve chamber opposite the Bible Institute.

The final operation will be to convert part of the old water main between Clairvaux Road and the harbour entrance into a storm water pipe.  This will involve working in three manholes which have been constructed over the old water main.  This work will be done in the first week of March.

To minimise disruption to traffic, every effort will be made to keep the half-width sections as short as possible.  The work will be done between the hours of 07:00 and 16:00.

 The project team once again apologises for any inconvenience caused.