invitation by kalk bay books

Kalk Bay Books and Jacana Media invite you to the launch of
The Unsaid
by Richard De Nooy 

Newshound J.R. Deo has spent his life pursuing tragedy to the darkest corners of the globe, reporting on places like the Killing fields and the Middle East. He has not emerged unscathed from this quest: he has a history of violent outbursts, and following a savage attack on fellow journalists in a bar, Deo’s mental state and criminal accountability for the attack are assessed at the Institute for forensic observation in the Netherlands. Here, he goes from observer to observed. The calm in his cell is initially ideal for taking stock of horrors past and present.

But gradually, sinister figures take control of his pen and begin dictating their confessions through his writing. Meanwhile, his fellow inmates at the Institute also become increasingly restless. The violent, paranoid men he is among begin to wonder what exactly Deo is reporting on, and more importantly, to whom.

When: Monday 12th May
Where: 124 Main Road, Kalk Bay

call us on 021 788 2266 or email

Wine is generously sponsored by Leopard’s Leap
and snacks are catered by The Annex